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Current weather conditions obtained from the member stations of the Regional Weather Network


Temperature [ C° ] Humidity [ % ] Wind [ kmh ] Rain [ mm ] Barometer [ hPa ] Baro Trend

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Current weather conditions at the weather stations

Note: Click on the table column title to change the order of that column's values.

Country Station   Current Condition Temp. Dew Point Humid Wind Gust Rain Pressure Trend
Ontario Komoka--8 C-10 C89%6 kmh NENE150.0 mm1002.1 hPaRising Slowly
North Island Ashhurst-20 C12 C58%13 kmh SS270.0 mm1014.5 hPaSteady
North Island BeachlandsMostly CloudyMostly Cloudy27 C17 C54%13 kmh WNWWNW163.6 mm1011.9 hPaSteady
North Island BelmontOvercastOvercast19 C11 C59%0 kmh WSWWSW2.6 mm1016.3 hPaSteady
North Island CamborneSunnySunny22 C12 C52%5 kmh ESEESE103.2 mm1014.2 hPaSteady
North Island Colsons Hill-19 C11 C60%0 kmh NNENNE80.0 mm1012.2 hPaSteady
North Island Dargaville Offline
North Island Dargaville Airfield Offline
North Island Feilding-20 C10 C52%9 kmh ESEESE190.7 mm1014.4 hPaSteady
North Island Feilding North-21 C11 C54%13 kmh ESEESE256.2 mm1014.2 hPaSteady
North Island Frasertown Offline
North Island Gisborne-17 C13 C74%1 kmh NENE109.3 mm1013.4 hPaSteady
North Island Gisborne West-17 C12 C72%6 kmh SESE2612.9 mm1013.3 hPaSteady
North Island Glenview Offline
North Island Grey LynnPartly CloudyPartly Cloudy21 C16 C72%1 kmh NNENNE22.4 mm1011.7 hPaRising Slowly
North Island Hautere-23 C10 C45%7 kmh NWNW120.6 mm1012.3 hPaSteady
North Island HowickMostly CloudyMostly Cloudy21 C15 C65%1 kmh NWNW3.6 mm1011.5 hPaFalling Slowly
North Island HunuaDryDry23 C12 C49%10 kmh SESE105.0 mm1011.4 hPaRising Slowly
North Island Kaipara HarbourCloudyCloudy22 C17 C72%1 kmh WW113.6 mm1011.2 hPaRising Slowly
North Island KelsonClearClear21 C9 C46%5 kmh NENE93.3 mm1016.0 hPaSteady
North Island KerikeriCloudy2Cloudy221 C15 C71%16 kmh ESEESE190.2 mm1011.8 hPaRising Slowly
North Island Lake TaupoDryDry18 C11 C63%10 kmh NENE80.2 mm1011.9 hPaRising Slowly
North Island Lower HuttDryDry20 C12 C63%7 kmh WSWWSW72.0 mm1014.6 hPaSteady
North Island Lower Hutt Central-25 C11 C40%2 kmh SWSW100.0 mm1016.8 hPaSteady
North Island Mahia Beach-19 C15 C77%1 kmh SS69.9 mm1018.8 hPaSteady
North Island Mangawhai HeadsSunnySunny23 C14 C57%0 kmh EE2.4 mm1009.4 hPaRising Slowly
North Island Melville-24 C9 C39%10 kmh ENEENE220.0 mm1011.5 hPaSteady
North Island Mt. RoskillDryDry22 C16 C67%0 kmh NENE4.0 mm1012.2 hPaRising Slowly
North Island Ngaio Offline
North Island Nuhaka-17 C13 C82%2 kmh NN413.6 mm1015.1 hPaSteady
North Island Ohauiti-21 C8 C43%6 kmh EE170.0 mm1014.0 hPaSteady
North Island Omokoroa-22 C13 C58%2 kmh NENE70.0 mm1013.5 hPaSteady
North Island Opotiki-25 C11 C41%4 kmh NN100.6 mm1011.7 hPaSteady
North Island Otane-18 C11 C63%9 kmh EE163.0 mm1016.8 hPaSteady
North Island Pahoia-21 C14 C67%6 kmh NNWNNW100.0 mm1013.6 hPaSteady
North Island Palmerston North-20 C10 C53%9 kmh EE230.2 mm1015.0 hPaSteady
North Island ParaonuiDryDry20 C10 C53%16 kmh SESE130.8 mm1013.8 hPaRising Slowly
North Island PlimmertonClearClear22 C11 C50%18 kmh SSESSE140.0 mm1012.7 hPaSteady
North Island PongakawaDryDry22 C8 C43%6 kmh SSESSE80.4 mm1010.0 hPaRising Slowly
North Island Pukehou-18 C13 C71%8 kmh SS152.1 mm1016.6 hPaSteady
North Island Red BeachMostly CloudyMostly Cloudy26 C10 C37%5 kmh NENE111.8 mm1010.9 hPaSteady
North Island Royal OakMostly CloudyMostly Cloudy21 C16 C74%3 kmh NWNW61.2 mm1011.1 hPaSteady
Hamilton Ruakura-23 C13 C53%0 kmh -10.2 mm1010.8 hPaSteady
North Island RussellSunnySunny22 C16 C68%7 kmh ENEENE180.0 mm1011.7 hPaRising Slowly
Port Charles Sandy Bay-20 C14 C68%3 kmh NN80.0 mm1010.7 hPaSteady
North Island Shelly Park Offline
North Island Silverdale-23 C9 C40%9 kmh SS260.3 mm1004.9 hPaSteady
North Island Taupiri-23 C12 C49%9 kmh EE211.0 mm1009.4 hPaSteady
North Island Te AwamutuDryDry22 C11 C50%11 kmh EE50.0 mm1012.9 hPaRising Slowly
North Island Te Puke-25 C6 C29%3 kmh SWSW120.0 mm1012.0 hPaSteady
North Island Tokoroa NorthDryDry18 C10 C56%11 kmh SESE140.5 mm1019.5 hPaRising Rapidly
North Island Waikawa Beach-21 C12 C58%16 kmh SWSW0.2 mm1014.3 hPaSteady
North Island WaipukurauSunnySunny17 C12 C70%3 kmh ENEENE1.5 mm1019.3 hPaRising Slowly
North Island Wairoa-18 C13 C74%1 kmh SESE116.9 mm1014.7 hPaSteady
North Island Waitakere-22 C16 C67%0 kmh ENEENE0.8 mm1012.0 hPaSteady
North Island Waitara-25 C13 C47%11 kmh SESE290.3 mm1012.8 hPaSteady
North Island West Coast RoadCloudy2Cloudy221 C16 C74%15 kmh SS103.1 mm1010.7 hPaSteady
North Island Whangawehi-20 C16 C77%24 kmh NN320.0 mm1032.7 hPaSteady
North Island Wiritoa-22 C8 C40%26 kmh EE350.0 mm1014.3 hPaSteady
South Island ArrowtownDryDry26 C5 C26%15 kmh SS70.0 mm1009.2 hPaSteady
South Island Arthurs Pass-17 C6 C48%21 kmh NWNW390.3 mm1010.0 hPaRising
South Island AshburtonDryDry19 C12 C63%24 kmh NNENNE320.7 mm1012.9 hPaSteady
South Island Barrhill-21 C11 C52%7 kmh NENE199.0 mm1013.0 hPaSteady
South Island Beckenham Offline
South Island Bishopdale-17 C12 C69%22 kmh NENE501.5 mm1015.5 hPaSteady
South Island BlenheimDryDry19 C10 C58%9 kmh NWNW121.2 mm1017.3 hPaSteady
South Island Castle HillClearClear19 C7 C44%10 kmh EE0.2 mm1011.1 hPaSteady
South Island CheviotDryDry17 C12 C74%5 kmh ENEENE64.6 mm1012.5 hPaSteady
South Island Dunedin-17 C13 C79%6 kmh NN180.0 mm1011.9 hPaSteady
Christchurch FendaltonSunnySunny17 C12 C72%17 kmh ENEENE81.2 mm1013.8 hPaSteady
South Island MahanaDryDry20 C2 C32%8 kmh NNENNE100.0 mm1015.0 hPaRising Slowly
South Island MakarewaDryDry17 C9 C57%7 kmh WSWWSW50.2 mm1010.6 hPaSteady
South Island Marahau-20 C7 C42%9 kmh NENE190.0 mm1012.3 hPaSteady
South Island Oamaru North Offline
South Island PakawauSunnySunny19 C12 C62%5 kmh NWNW60.0 mm1015.4 hPaSteady
South Island Picton-19 C10 C55%6 kmh NWNW140.8 mm1015.3 hPaSteady
South Island Port LevyClearClear22 C11 C51%1 kmh SESE110.0 mm1013.8 hPaSteady
South Island Port RobinsonSunnySunny16 C12 C76%7 kmh WW211.2 mm1012.5 hPaSteady
Invercargill RosedaleDryDry20 C8 C45%6 kmh SSWSSW50.0 mm1012.8 hPaSteady
South Island Stewart Island-18 C18 C100%6 kmh WW140.0 mm1011.3 hPaFalling Slowly
South Island SwannanoaClearClear18 C11 C64%20 kmh NENE333.3 mm1013.4 hPaSteady
South Island TakakaPartly CloudyPartly Cloudy19 C12 C62%0 kmh NN0.2 mm1015.4 hPaSteady
South Island Tasman Village-22 C11 C48%6 kmh NN100.0 mm1015.1 hPaSteady
South Island Te Anau-19 C10 C54%5 kmh WNWWNW130.0 mm1010.8 hPaSteady
South Island TempletonClearClear17 C12 C69%18 kmh NENE400.2 mm1013.9 hPaSteady
South Island Timaru Offline
South Island Waikouaiti-21 C14 C67%2 kmh NNENNE50.0 mm1011.2 hPaSteady
South Island WaitikiriPartly CloudyPartly Cloudy17 C12 C74%12 kmh NENE82.8 mm1013.8 hPaSteady
South Island WanakaDryDry23 C7 C35%11 kmh WNWWNW120.0 mm1008.9 hPaSteady
South Island Westport-23 C17 C69%6 kmh SWSW210.3 mm1012.8 hPaSteady
South Island Winton-18 C8 C51%6 kmh SWSW130.0 mm1000.2 hPaSteady
World Taunton Offline

Member stations of the Regional Weather Network

This station is proud to be a member of the Regional Weather Network.

Please take a moment to visit other stations on the network by clicking on the map above or clicking on the links below. The stations are displaying the weather conditions: Temperature, dew point, humidity, wind direction and speed/gust speed, today's rain, barometric pressure and trend, current conditions and the name of the city where the weather station is located.


  • Komoka  [Weather, Lightning, WebCam]

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