Welcome to our new website - Forecast is Fixed. My Norwegian Blond mates had changed to https which broke my conection

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More to come here, but be aware this will become outdated quickly as several big changes are implemetent see bottom of page

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This is the Dashboard Screen you first see when entering the site It can be configured to several different screens see customization
This displays a graphical 7 day foreccast Despite being prepared in Norway it is very accurate
This screen shows a prediction of weather conditions it has a timeline on the bottom so you can move foward in time, there are several different conditions selectable in a menu down the right of the screen
blitzortung Lightning group map showing Australasia lighting strikes We hope to get access to a more local detector soon
These gauges report conditions in real time as recorded by the station Hover your mouse over the gauge for a graph of last 24 Hrs
Last 24 Hrs readings in a Graph form
A very extensive almanac on the Moon and Earth Worth an explore lots a links to intresting data
recent larger than Mag 4 Earthquakes in the region displayed on a Map
For the serious enthuisast intrested in Solar flares and the likes
This is where you can select a number of otions and have the site restore those conditions each time you visit You can select colour schemees default start page and many other items
Not actually a radar, but a map showing predicted cloud cover
MAP Real Time Details of all Transponder equiped flights in NZ
MAP Real Time Details of Boats around our coast who participate with a location transponder
Forecasted UV index
An old method of weather prediction Dont take this seriously
Tabular details of recent weather changes
Tabular details of Today/Yesterday/This Month/This Year high/low
To be removed, is in seperate Level 1 Menu tab
Zoom in and see where members of this group are located and visit there Weather Station
A larger view where you can explore members stations world wide
Our site optimized for mobile users, most mobile devices will be detected and sent here automatically
Page displaying a larger version of the 3 webcams to the left
Text Menu of the Website
Shows recent visitors current visitors and the IP they come from etc
Will probably remove, duplicates another page
Shows angle and traverse of Sun rise to set on a local map
This displays a real time graphical image of the local weather station console showing actual readings Will probably conslidate into a new tab Real Time Readings
This Page!
Planned Arrange the menus into more logical blocks. Eg Menu Lvl1 '"Radars"' Sub Level 2 each of the various radars and so on
Planned Present a Geo Physical Section, covering Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Various other Web Cams etc
Planned Perhaps what ever a User suggests contact me with your ideas contact link at the bottom of the page
On the Books as possible Tokoroa Air Quality and Water Quality, just got to find a source